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  • Why are no bicycles in zombie movies

    Why are no bicycles in zombie movies

    Bicycles are not often seen in zombie movies for several reasons: Those are some reasons but I believe them to be wrong. Below are my views Bicycles could make sense in an apocalyptic scenario for several reasons: Overall, while the use of bicycles in an apocalyptic scenario is not a universal convention, they can be […]

  • Iron man’s suit is not practical

    Iron man’s suit is not practical

    Now you must ask yourself why? Wells if you really think about it. He has no cushions. If he gets hit there is no way he would survive. He is not Captain America or superhuman. You got to say he looks cool in it. Iron Man’s suit is not practical for several reasons: Overall, while […]

  • Why the war on drugs is a lost cause

    What is your thought on the war on drugs? Should we legalize and tax it? I think so The idea of legalizing and taxing drugs, also known as drug legalization or decriminalization, is a controversial and complex issue. Supporters argue that it would reduce crime and increase revenue for governments, while opponents argue that it […]

  • Transforming Mecha vs Non-Transforming

    Transforming Mecha vs Non-Transforming

    Wow, I am sure this post is not going to be very popular but I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. Sure mech that transforms are awesome to look at but they are impractical in war. All the transformation gears take up valuable weapons storage space and the biggest issue is mechanical failure. […]

  • Why no universal healthcare?

    Why no universal healthcare?

    I always wondered. Why are Americans so anti-universal healthcare? The benefits are way better than the negatives. We are always bailing out the rich when they mess up the economy. Why can’t we support healthcare for all? I see the most vocal against it have great insurance. I don’t. I am sure most of you […]

  • Tesla is going to tank and be bought out

    Tesla is going to tank and be bought out

    I know this sounds crazy but think about it, when you add up all the false promises and lies about Tesla you know it’s not going to be around much longer given todays and the future market. Here are a few examples Tesla ruined its head start and with most automakers making a better product […]

  • Hello world!

    I am new to this. I hope to share my thoughts and views and have discussions on all types of topics